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McNab-Braeside man charged in conspiracy to commit murder

 •  January 24

A McNab-Braeside man is facing a number of charges, including Conspiracy to Commit Murder, following a police investigation into allegations of...

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Fire bans in McNab-Braeside and Mississippi Mills

 •  June 1

Thanks to the recent hot, dry weather, fire bans remain in place in McNab-Braeside Township and across Mississippi Mills. All of McNab-Braeside...

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Man critically hurt in snowmobile crash

 •  January 19

A snowmobile collision has left a man in critical condition and a female with serious injuries. The incident occurred shortly after midnight...

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Changes in councils across Valley

 •  October 28

If you were to describe last night’s election results across the Ottawa Valley in one word, that word would be “change.” No fewer than 13...

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