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Police are asking the public to beware of a popular scam that seems to be popping up in the area once again. In this one people are being offered false employment opportunities on job sites, internet ads, through emails, texts or in newspapers. In some cases … if you’ve posted your resume online you may be getting job offers.

If you respond to these ads you’re told you’ve gotten the job and are sent payment by cheque … e-transfer … or other means.

You’re then told to deposit it into your bank account and send a large portion of the money somewhere else either through pre-paid gift cards or depositing the money into a bank account provided to you by the fraudsters.

Once you move that money, the bank calls to tell you the cheque or e-transfer was fraudulent and your account is overdrawn or frozen. And your money is gone.

Police want to remind the public … never to send money to anyone you don’t know or trust.

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