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Scam season is once again upon us. The OPP report that people are again being contacted with someone claiming to be from Microsoft and the person was looking for banking information so the company could send a refund. Police say you need to be aware and always protect yourself if someone is looking for your personal information over the phone. The OPP say, always asking yourself this question … “If I give out that information, am I putting myself at risk?” If the answer is yes, or you’re not sure … don’t answer their questions.

Police are asking residents to be careful about giving out personal information and are pointing to a recent mailout from an insurance company … that looks like it’s coming from the government. It’s a brown envelope, addressed to “Canadian Residents Born After 1938” … and contains a form inside with information about supplementing the Canada Pension Plan Death Benefit with the “Final Needs Planning Program.” The OPP say to use caution about handing over your information to anyone … especially when they try to mimic government logos and forms. Police say to deal with local businesses who you know and trust or ask friends and family for referrals.

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