RENFREW FOOD BANK…30 years of serving

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In October of this year…the Renfrew and District Food Bank will turn 30.

When they first opened their doors in October of 1988..where they served 25 families in the Renfrew, Eganville and Douglas area.

In 2017…the Food bank helped 378 clients per month…more than 45-hundred per year.

They’ve expanded the area that they serve to Burnstown, Mount St. Patrick and Horton now in the mix. T

he idea first came to fruition after a survey was circulated which found that churches had quite a few people coming to them looking for assistance.

The Food bank is located in the Renfrew Armouries.and is open 3 Tuesday’s throughout the month. If you are in need you can contact them at 613-433-9216.

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