NEWS – June 26, 2019

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Summer is here, and so is the hot weather … and the Renfrew County S-P-C-A is warning pet owners not to leave their furry friends inside their vehicles. Officials are offering some advice if you see an animal suffering inside a hot car. They’re telling you to contact the S-P-C-A immediately … because if you go and smash out the window … you’ll be held responsible for the damage caused. The number to call if you see an animal in distress is 310-SPCA … or just contact your local police force. Officials recommend you stay with the vehicle and send someone into the store to page the owner.

Killaloe OPP responded to two separate reports of fraud in South Algonquin Township.  One onTuesday June 18th and the other on Saturday June 22nd. In both cases, the victims received requests for credit card verification and information and in each incident personal information was shared and the personal information was compromised.  Police remind the residents to never give out personal information over the phone unless you have first confirmed the source. Resist being pressured by the fraudulent caller and don’t be afraid to just hang up the phone. Remember a legitimate company already has your personal information, and will not call and request it again. For Further information please contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501, or visit

Now that the nice weather is here and traffic is increasing on our roads……The Renfrew Detachment of the OPP would like to remind vehicle drivers about the laws surrounding mufflers and unnecessary noise.  Under the highway traffic act…you can be fined for not following not having a muffler in good working order to prevent unusual noise and excessive smoke, you can also be fined for unnecessary noise, and a driver of any motor vehicle can not make unreasonable amounts of smoke to escape from the motor vehicle, or cause the motor vehicle to make any unnecessary noise. The Renfrew OPP has received numerous complaints of drivers unnecessarily accelerating at an excessive rate from stops signs as well and they say that this type of action could also result in a charge of unnecessary noise.

And…. with the long weekend approaching – Lanark County OPP want to remind the public that rules for alcohol apply the same in boats as they do in cars. Impaired in your boat means you lose your driver’s licence. Open alcohol will result in your alcohol being seized and a ticket issued. So…..what you do on the water can affect your life off the boat. For more information on boating laws visit triple w dot tc dot gc dot ca.

And in sports…..

The Ontario Amateur Softball Association Elimination tournament for the Men’s U-19 division takes place this weekend … June 28th to 30th … at the Carp Fairgrounds diamonds.  Hosted by the West Carleton Amateur Softball Club, there are 13 teams participating from across the province. There is one eastern Ontario team representing Osgoode, a club which participates in the Glen Cairn Men’s Fastball League. Top teams at this event will earn a berth to the Softball Canada nationals in Owen Sound in August. Games start on the Friday night at 5 p.m., with the finals scheduled for Sunday at 3 p.m. Admission is $5 a day or $10 for a weekend pass.