Sheila Toll Overton

SheilaTollOvertonMy name is Sheila Toll Overton (aka Tequila Sheila), and I am the host of Country Corner.

Initially, I started on the Sunday morning show – a country music mix – and was on the air until last November when my husband took ill. I then created my own Country Corner on April 1st, 2013 (no joke!) and am enjoying it immensely.

I get a lot of people telling me that they enjoy the music and the trivia – which I have dubbed totally useless trivia! It’s about great old country music and having fun.

I also guest host from time to time on Thursday’s popular Barnyard Breakdown.

I retired from the Charities Directorate where I answered toll-free lines for  charities across Canada.  I took pride in the fact that people would call and ask to speak to me.  I worked in Charities from 1989 up to retirement in 2010.

I found the time long and started to look around to find something to fill my time, and found VHR. And I’m glad that I did!