Lesley Galbraith

LesleyGalbraithG’day!  Here is a little bit about me.  I was born in England. Leicester, to be exact. I raised on the west coast of Canada. Then moved to Ottawa. And moved to Florida. Then to Las Vegas. And finally back home where I belong in Canada.

I have a wonderful teenage son, three cats and seven dogs. Yes, seven dogs!

I come from a very theatrical family, and it’s only fitting that my career took me to the live stage. I worked for a repertory theater in Daytona Beach, Florida for 10 years and with the cast and crew of hotel shows in Vegas.  But something was missing. So I came home and I am so very lucky to be doing what I love here at Valley Heritage Radio.

I was the first “employee” hired at the station back in 2006.  Right now – as program and production manager – I write and produce the commercials for the station, but a big part of my job is making sure that all the programming that you hear on 98.7, comes off without a hitch.  So, when you’re listening to the station and hear a commercial or jingle on the radio, well, that’s probably me!  Thanks for listening.

Old Time Radio

Old Time Radio is where families and neighbours would come together and listen to radio broadcasts of Sherlock Holmes, Groucho Marx, Our Miss Brooks, Boston Blackie, The Avenger, Gunsmoke, Perry Mason, Superman and more.  Re-live those times and bring back those memories – every Wednesday night beginning at 8 p.m. with Lesley Galbraith, as she hosts “Yesterday Today – Old Time Radio” only on 98.7 FM – CJHR.