Johnny Kashub

Johnny“Hello, I’m Johnny Kashub and you are listening to Radio Kaszebe, the voice of the Kashub people on Valley Heritage Radio 98.7 on the fm dial” I was born and raised in Wilno, Canada’s First Kashubian Community.

My passion is promoting and preserving the Kashubian culture in Canada.

Thanks to Valley Heritage Radio, the Kashub people, the Kashubian Nationality & culture and the Nation of Kaszebe are promoted on the airwaves. The Kashub people have a voice.

I am fifth generation Canadian born and my first language is Kashubian and I proudly speak it on Radio Kaszebe.

My ancestors came to Canada in 1858 from the Nation of Kaszebe, which is south of the Swedish Nation, North of the Polish Nation, east of the German Nation and west of the Lithuania Nation. I hope to entertain you every other Saturday morning between 8:00am and 10:00am.

My partner Ray the Kashub Man will entertain you when Johnny Kashub is not in the studio. Wiedno Kaszebe/Always Kashubia and Na wiedno Kaszebsczi/forever Kashubian.


Radio Kaszëbë

Since 2008, each Saturday morning from 8 to 10 am, you will hear either Ray Chapeskie or Johnny Kashub talking about the Kashub Culture and people and playing music made by Canada’s Kashubian descendants. The  Radio Kaszëbë mandate is to play the music of and cover all aspects of the culture including language, food, forklore, etc. as well as to talk about  past and present happenings with the Kashub people in their Canadian community and beyond. Interviews are also part of the program, with Canadian Kashubs telling stories from then and now.