Blake Corbin

BlakeCorbinI’m Blake Corbin, your host of the monthly “Outdoors in the Valley” radio show.

Born in Renfrew, raised in Arnprior, and having a cottage near Calabogie, the great outdoors has always been an integral part of growing up in my family.

Whether it was on the shoulders of my dad, grandfather, or uncles, I learned at a young age how to seek out signs of wildlife activity and notice changes in the surrounding environment.

From other relatives I learned about appreciation for nature, such as gardening and sustainability of various natural resources.

I have always been involved, locally, over the years,  with various fish and game clubs and non profit organizations that focus on traditional hunting and fishing but are also concerned about environmental issues.

I am a strong believer of what I was once told by a great mentor who once told me, “Outdoors people are the best Conservationists of Natural Resources.  They are aware of the slightest changes in the areas they frequent. “

I truly enjoy sharing my knowledge with youth and others who wish to take on a new activity in the outdoors. It could be anything from photography of plants, birds and other wildlife, fishing, or gardening of native plants. The list goes on and on.


Outdoors in the Valley

Outdoors in the Valley airs the fourth Saturday of each month, from 7 to 8 a.m.

The focus is squarely on all things Outdoors in the Ottawa Valley including: hunting, fishing, camping, conservation, environmental issues, plants, birds, wildlife and so much more.

Hosted by Blake Corbin, the show features insight from experts on all types of issues, and Blake never forgets about the most important element — the people who enjoy everything this beautiful Ottawa Valley has to offer.