Allan Cruise

AllanCruiseAllan Cruise was born in Toronto – and raised on ‘Tiger Island’ in Renfrew.

He spent about a third of his young life on his grandparents
’ farm at Colton Lake and knows all about life with no hydro and no running water.

He has been in the country music industry since July, 1966. It is a career that began at Sunnydale Acres, Lake Dore, as a weekly-featured guest singer with Gary Perry and The Four Men.

During his career he has been a “professional road musician/entertainer” and over the years has also played many venues in the Ottawa Valley, including most of the night spots in Pontiac County in Quebec. Allan specializes in old-style country music of artists such as Hank Williams, Ray Price, and (of course) his all-time favourite artist – Merle Haggard.

In the summer of 2010 he finally got into the recording studio with his band, Cruise-N-Country, and they released a CD “Making Memories” including one of his own compositions titled, “As Always Marie.”