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0 Always ask questions of people asking for money or personal information
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Police are reminding people to not give our personal or banking information to people you don’t know and trust.

The OPP are reporting that a number of fraud attempts were made in the area in the past week, including people pretending to have property for rent, someone saying the represented a legitimate business when they did not, and someone who noticed cash was removed from their bank account after they were travelling in the U.S.

Police are saying that people should exercise caution and be very careful about sharing information, or sending money through money transfer companies. They encourage you to ask friends for references and deal with only reputable local companies.

The most recent phone scam has people calling and saying they work for the Canada Revenue Agency and they tell the victim that he or she owes back taxes and need to pay them off.

The caller then tells the person to buy Visa Power Pay Cards and share the card number and security codes.

The same scam is also being used with callers saying they represent Hydro and if you don’t make a payment, your electricity will be cut off.

Police are reminding people to be extra cautious when being asked for payments over the phone, especially when immediate payment is demanded.

If you receive a phone call of this type, you are asked to call police.

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