L’il Mama

My earliest memories of listening to music was the “Oldies 1310” station on the AM dial. “50’s, 60’s and early 70’s” was its slogan. I can still remember their jingle. My dad’s old GMC farm truck had an AM/FM radio and a cassette deck. My dad had one tape in the truck, “50’s Golden Oldies”. We listened to it over and over while driving with my dad from farm to farm in Pakenham.  

    Our tractors had no means of listening to music, but the combine did. It too had a cassette deck. In the combine, my dad kept an “Andy Griffith” tape and a couple of “Elvis” tapes. I would sit beside my dad as we went up and down the fields singing, “There will be Peace in the Valley for me someday…” 

    My home as a child was decorated with “knick-knacks”, family photos and Elvis memorabilia. Something you don’t see anymore, homes filled with Elvis…everything. Like he was part of everyone’s family. 

    In 1998, I turned 10 yrs. old, and my dad got a new farm truck. A Dodge 1500, and it had a CD player! Dad was given a “Solid Gold Hits” E. Presley CD (which we already had on vinyl) and the CD was kept in the truck. I got my first CD too that year, from my mum. She chose for me, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”. But there was one problem, we didn’t have a CD player (in our home). My 2 sisters and I saved our money that summer from picking beans at Hudson’s farm, who were our neighbours, to buy a stereo. We each bought our very own CD player Stereo for our bedrooms. I played my only CD over and over. Sometimes I’d bring dad’s CD in from the truck or borrow my older sister’s CD who received “Summer Hit’s from the 60’s”. 

    3 years past, my dad got another new farm truck, and soon after came “Elvis 30 #1 Hits Collection”, a gold cd and case, then came a silver collection. There was no stopping us from our non-stop Elvis intake. 

    In 2009 I was newly married, we had a 6-month-old baby, and my dad died of cancer. I was devastated. I was 21 yrs. old. I couldn’t even bare to listen Elvis anymore. But I knew my dad had found his Peace, in the valley. As time went on, it seemed like never again would I be able to reach for an Elvis record, and by this time, “Oldies 1310” on the AM dial, was gone. 

    9 years later, I have 4 beautiful children which I believe strongly in giving them the best roots of music from the best time when music was made (about 1970’s and earlier, but there are always exceptions). When music was actually music, and meant something. 

    Elvis is alive and well in my home with dad’s old items and new items to add to the collection. My father’s spirit too is alive and well. For every time we put on one of my dad’s records or Cd’s or cassette tapes, my children and I sing and dance to “The King of Rock’n’Roll” which is what I used to do, with my dad in the truck, driving from farm to farm. 

    Music should really make you feel. When I listen to something, I want to feel what the artist(s) is feeling. Same as when I perform, I want the crowd to feel what I am feeling. Shivers and goosebumps are a good indication of a performance well done. A bob of the head or a tap of the foot is a good sign too. That’s the feeling I’m creating in the studio. A heavy, groovy vibe transmitting from 98.7 FM radio into your space. If you can dig it, come along for a ride with me, Lil’ Mama on my new radio show, “Lil’ Mama Live“. Monday nights from 8-10 pm on Valley Heritage Radio, 98.7 FM. 

                                                                      You’ve Never Had It, So Good