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Thanks to a new law that was recently passed in our province…if you get caught texting and driving not only will you get hit with a significant fine…but your licence will get suspended as well.

If you get caught more then once, the length of the suspension and fine will increase.

First time offenders are looking with a 3 day supension and a $1000.00 fine.  If you are charged again and the fine doubles to $2000.00 and your license will be suspended for a week.

After that, the penalty will include a 30-day suspension, $3,000 fine, and six demerit points to your driver’s abstract.

Officials say they expect the laws to start getting enforced within the next couple of months.

Of note…your license won’t be taken away on the spot. It’s only once you’re found guilty and through a judge’s approval will your licence be suspended.

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