Hunter fined after shooting horse

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A Renfrew man who mistakenly shot and killed a horse during hunting season and then tried to cover up the incident pleaded guilty to charges of careless hunting and hunting at night.

He was also suspended from hunting for two years and must complete a hunter education course before he can obtain a new hunting licence.

Malcolm Pierce told the court he was hunting in the Calabogie area on Halloween evening after the allowed time of a half-an-hour after sunset. In the darkness, he thought a black bear was approaching and he shot.

He then realized he had killed a horse from a neighbouring property. He then dragged the horse to his property and tried to hide the carcass. It was found six weeks later by the owner who called the Ministry. After an investigation by conservation officers, Pierce was charged.

In court February 22nd he pleaded guilty, was fined $2,000, and also paid $7,000 in restitution to the owners prior to his court hearing.


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