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Our Valley Heritage Radio team of  Volunteers attended the 2018 Goodwood Festival held on August 2-5, 2018.  Despite a brief but “wicked” rain storm on Saturday, the crowds and the tents remained intact.   Charlie Dunlap was onsite and took the opportunity to speak with some of the organizers and performers.   As for Sunday…not so lucky as the wind took off with the VHR tents..The gang was there to hang on, although I think I heard that Jason couldn’t reach to hold on to them and Gary may have actually been seen flying over the grounds…still hanging on to the tents..now, that is a loyal volunteer!!!  Note….Reta said that if anyone sees him flying overhead, to return to the Cobden Legion and she will pick him up there on her next shift!

Charlie Dunlap (missing from photos) but you can see him during his Facebook Live Debut on our facebook page!!


OUR  SATURDAY VHR VOLUNTEERS – Allan, Darrel, Carol and Ilean – must be before the storm…they look pretty relaxed

OUR VHR SUNDAY VOLUNTEERS – Reta, Gary and Lisa…and some “cowboy” with funky glasses…I think they called him “”Jason?”

SPECIAL GUEST – Wayne Rostad entertaining the crowd

WAYNE and DENZIL (VHR President) modelling the VHR Plaid Caps…nice!!

ARLENE QUINN ready to perform a great set after Charlie introduces her to the crowd.

JAMIE MCMUNN, a key organizer in this event, performing his set.

THE BOWES BROTHERS trying to stay cool during their set


Denzil and his beautiful wife leading the dancing, again…a little bit of heat and sun never stop farmers

Our 2018 VHR Search for a Star Winner – BAILEY ROGERS and the Rogers Family during Gospel Hour.

Our 2018 VHR Search for a Star Winner – BAILEY ROGERS along with Rick Rogers (Dad!) and the talented John Park Wheeler.


OUR WINNER OF OUR FREE DRAW! She won a Plaid VHR Cap; Valley Cedar Leaf Oil; VHR Cookbook; 3 CDs of local artists something for the house, the kids and the dog!

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