Distracted driving blitz starting

March 14, 2016 at 9:13 am  •  Posted in News by  •  0 Comments

The OPP and the force’s Highway Safety Division will be cracking down on distracted drivers with a one-week blitz beginning Monday. Police say the blitz is in response to a steady increase in “inattentive driver” related collisions.

In Ontario, it is illegal for drivers to use cell phones or other electronic devices while behind the wheel. This includes talking or texting on a cell phone, watching videos or movies, as well as using a GPS or reading, eating, drinking, smoking, putting on makeup, shaving, adjusting the radio, and playing extremely loud music.

If convicted of distracted driving, a driver can receive fines, lose demerit points and be given licence suspensions or jail time. 

The OPP says during the week-long targeted campaign they will also be using some “Non-Traditional Enforcement methods” to catch distracted drivers.



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