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Canadians got to witness an extremely rare alignment in the lunar calendar…which produces what astronomers call a super blue blood moon. This phenomenon hasn’t happened for over a century, seeing as how it consists of 3 rare moon-related events occurring all at once: a super moon, a blue moon and a lunar eclipse. The moon will be a super moon today because it will be at the closest point to Earth in its orbit, meaning it will appear about 7% larger and 14% brighter than normal. It’ll be a blue moon, at least in name, because it will be the 2nd full moon within a calendar month. It’ll be a blood moon because of a rare lunar eclipse, which will cast a blood-red shadow over the moon’s surface. It’s been two years since the last lunar eclipse, but over 150 years since that coincided with a blue moon. NASA says the super blue blood moon will be visible early Wednesday but was only visible for less than half an hour, starting at 6:48am. NASA live streamed the event as of 5:30am.

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