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January 29, 2018


County Council Adheres to the Key Principles of the Long Term Financial Plan


Pembroke, (ON):  On Thursday, January 25th , 2018 County of Renfrew Warden Jennifer Murphy, Councillor Walter Stack, Chair of the County’s Finance & Administration Committee, and  Councillor Glenn Doncaster, Vice-chair of the Finance and Administration Committee, led the annual County of Renfrew Budget Workshop.  The pair commended Elected Officials and County staff on the delivery of the 2018 budget which meets all of the targets set by Council for 2018.


The principles adopted in the Long-term Financial Plan continue to guide the annual budget discussions, ensuring that the County of Renfrew remains focused on today and on the future.  The 2018 budget adheres to those principles with a levy increase of 3%, restriction of the use of that levy for operating expenses at only 1.7% and the re-investment of the 1.3% surplus plus additional revenue from assessment growth into the capital fund to finance the long term asset renewal program.  In doing so, the County of Renfrew will have the resources necessary to operate all of its programs and services as well as fund the $244 million asset renewal program over the next 10 year planning horizon.  This will allow for the continued and necessary investment in vital infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and social housing.


At the September 2017 session, County Council gave clear direction to the CAO and staff on how they would like the first draft of the budget prepared in order to minimize the financial impact on Renfrew County residents. Warden Jennifer Murphy shared this comment on the budget workshop, “I wish to express my appreciation to all Committees for your hard work in reviewing the draft budgets at Standing Committees during the past week.  A budget is nothing more than a summary of our future plans expressed in dollars.  I believe that we have a very effective and efficient budget process that allows Council to meet in January each year to debate, review and finally approve a budget that provides direction to our staff regarding the level of municipal services we consider appropriate for the residents of our County.”


Councillor Walter Stack, Chair of the Finance & Administration Committee, commended County of Renfrew elected and staff on their efforts to find savings within their respective areas of the budget.  Chair Stack had this comment: “Council gave clear direction to staff in September 2017 on how they wanted the first draft of the 2018 Budget prepared.  I am pleased to report that CAO Jim Hutton and his staff have delivered a 2018 Consolidated Budget that meets those targets.  On behalf of County Council, a sincere “Thank you” is extended to all staff involved in preparing this draft budget for us to review.”


A recommendation for the 2018 budget to be officially adopted as a By-law will at the next session of County Council scheduled for Wednesday January 31, 2018.   The County of Renfrew is an Upper Tier Municipality providing a wide range of services across the largest geographic area of any municipality in Ontario.

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Jeff Foss                                  Treasurer, County of Renfrew                                                                                                           613-735-7288

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