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Catch the Ace Arnprior gave us 50 weeks of fun, excitement and winners. Check out our safe and socially distanced winner announcement video at We are proud to have partnered with McEwan Custom Homes & General Contracting to help the community raise funds for medical equipment at the Arnprior & District Memorial Hospital.

Buy your tickets weekly, until the Catch the Ace is caught…..Pick an envelope…….Pick the envelope where you think the Ace of Spades is hiding and you WIN.

The lottery will take place from June2, 2020 until May 25, 2021. The Weekly Raffle winning number will be announced at Arnprior Regional Health Facebook Page, as well as our raffle website  Ticket sale deadline is 6:00pm Tuesday and the draw held promptly at 6:15pm.

3 raffle numbers for $10
10 raffle numbers for $20
50 raffle numbers for $50.

Catch the Ace Raffle consists of 2 raffles. 1) A Weekly Raffle consisting of 20% of gross weekly sales. 2) a Progressive Catch The Ace Raffle consisting of 30% of gross weekly sales plus any carry-over of previous weeks Catch the Ace Raffle jackpot.

 In order to qualify for a chance to win the Catch the Ace raffle patrons must purchase a ticket for the current Weekly Raffle.

Prior to the first Weekly Raffle one deck of 52 digital playing cards will be placed into individual digital envelopes randomly numbered 1 to 52inclusive and will be on display online at

The winning Catch The Ace card shall be noted as Ace of Spades.

Tickets will be sold using electronic raffle systems supplied by Bump Worldwide Inc. an approved vendor of the AGCO.

 Weekly Raffle tickets will be available to online at:

During online checkout process customer shall select an envelope number from remaining Chase the Ace Raffle Envelopes. This shall denote the purchasers selected envelope to be opened should their Weekly Raffle ticket be selected as the Weekly Raffle winner.

Online purchases shall be made by Credit Card Exclusively.

more information at