Anita Schubrink-Delarge

Anita is a board director – and has been since day one of Valley Heritage Radio. She was one of the original dedicated volunteers who attended the fairs, plowing matches, meetings – and going almost anywhere there were people she could find to help support the station and make the concept become a reality. And she continues to volunteer to ensure the station is around for future generations to enjoy.

For Anita, the journey has been very rewarding as she has seen the station grow from an idea into something loved by thousands of people in the Ottawa Valley and beyond.

No stranger to volunteering, Anita is a very community-minded person who loves to help others. She is involved in the Canadian Cancer Society, her church, and the White Lake Women’s Institute – and she has worked with CNIB, the Arnprior Fair Board and a list of other groups too long for this space.

Anita has two grown children who are always willing to help. And, of course, her three grandchildren who she has the joy of looking after each day. Did we mention that her three grandkids have been members of VHR since the day they were born? Now those are two true life members!

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