40th birthday bash wraps up Pembroke Fiddle & Step

0 Paul Lemelin defends open fiddle title at Pembroke Old Time Fiddle & Step Dancing championships
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The 40th annual Pembroke Old Time Fiddle & Step Dancing Championships wrapped up Saturday night at the Pembroke Memorial Centre, with seven champions being crowned, including the prestigious open fiddle and step dance categories.Dennis&JasonPembrokeFiddle2015

Paul Lemelin of Val Therese, Ontario defending his fiddle title, while Kelsey Mighton of Hanover, Ontario is the open step dancing champion for 2015.

The highlight of the night for many was the performance of the fiddling Schryer triplets, along with stepdancing sensations – Nathan and Jon Pilatzke of Eganville.

Valley Heritage Radio was proud to broadcast the championship evening live with co-hosts Dennis Harrington and Jason Marshall. We will be replaying it in the near future. Stay tuned for the date and time.

In photo above, MC Art Jamieson calls a square dance for the next generation of dancers. (Photo by Meredith Jamieson)


Listed below are the results from all the categories at the Sept. 4th  and 5th championships.


65-and-over fiddling

1.Keith Wilson, Carleton Place, Ont.

2.Dennis Alexander, Aylmer, Que.

3.Leo Ready, Pembroke, Ont.

4.Bruce Armitage, Quyon, Que


50-and-over stepdancing

1.Bob Hughes, Pembroke, Ont.

2.Callista Kelly, Osgoode, Ont.

3.Raymond T. Gignac, Penetanquishene, Ont.


19-44 fiddling

1.Germain Leduc, St. Stanislas de Kostka, Que.

2.Megan Lavigueur, Eganville, Ont.

3.Danny Perreault, Granby, Que.

4.Kyle Felhaver, Arnprior, Ont.


19-49 Step Dancing

1.Lindsay Lovenuk, Russell, Ont.

2.Miranda Dewettering, Seberingville, Ont.

3.Gabrielle Malis, Gatineau, Que.


Nine-and-under stepdancing

1.Kelsey Warren, Metcalfe, Ont.

2.Georgia Lee, Metcalfe, Ont.

3.Cecille Greer, North Gower, Ont.

4.Hillary Zadow, Pembroke, Ont.

5.Katie Sell, Pembroke, Ont.

6.Savannah Crigger, Pembroke, Ont.


Nine-and-under fiddling

1.Lucas Candalino, Barrie, Ont.

2.Bennett Van Barr, Kinburn, Ont.

3.Kieran Donohue, Douglas, Ont.

4.Kelsey Warren, Metcalfe, Ont.

5.Dexter Sernoski, Golden Lake, Ont.

6.Adrien LaRue, Stittsville, Ont.


12-and-under stepdancing

1.Morgan Pleet, Ottawa, Ont.

2.Beatrice Herwig, Eganville, Ont.

3.Leo Stock, Stratford, Ont.

4.Hannah Donohue, Douglas, Ont.

5. Tia Lee, Metcalfe, Ont.

6. Mikayla Wills, Metcalfe, Ont.


12-and-under fiddling

1.Aine Schryer-O’ Gorman, Desbarats, Ont.

2.Beatrice Herwig, Eganville, Ont.

3.Hanna Donohue, Douglas, Ont.

4.Reid Warren, Metcalfe, Ont.

5. Grace Greer, North Gower, Ont.

6. Jeffrey Meier, Richmond, Ont.


12-and-under group dancing

1.The Cookie Cutters, Metcalfe, Ont.

2.Steptacular, Richmond, Ont.

3.Toe Tappin Trio, Pembroke, Ont.


18-and-under fiddling

1.Emma March, Pembroke, Ont.

2.Charlotte Van Barr, Kinburn, Ont.

3.Duncan McDougall, Uxbridge, Ont.

4.Aiden Donohue, Douglas, Ont.

5.Will March, Pembroke, Ont.

Finalist – Maggie Whitaker, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

Finalist – Amanda Macinnis, Dundalk, Ont.

Finalist – Elly Wedge, Richmond, Ont.

Finalist – Miki McCairley-Greenwell, Guelph, Ont.

Finalist – Alex George, Almonte, Ont.


18-and-under stepdancing

1.Megan Fuller, Metcalfe, Ont.

2.Emma March, Pembroke, Ont.

3.Amanda Macinnis, Dundalk, Ont.

4.Katie Paradis, Milverton, Ont.

5.Grace Laceby, Sharon, Ont.

Finalist – Jacqueline Enright, Cobden, Ont.

Finalist – Charlotte Clare, Orangeville, Ont.

Finalist – Caroline Taylor, Osgoode, Ont.

Finalist – Katie Luckhardt, Milverton, Ont.

Finalist Emma Lee, Metcalfe, Ont.


45-64 fiddling

1.Ian Hamilton, Cobden, Ont.

2.Charlie Walden, Evanston, Illinois, USA

3.Gaetan Bourassa, Quebec City, Que.

4.Cassandra Swan, St. Catherines, Ont.

5. Fiona McCairley, Guelph, Ont.


Group dancing

1.Ready Step Go, Metcalfe, Ont.

2.The Reel Deal, Orangeville, Ont.

3.All Reel Drive, Milverton, Ont.


Twin fiddle

1.Julie Fitzgerald/Kerry Fitzgerald, Bancroft, Ont.

2.Greg Henry/Tom Fitzgerald, Corunna/Bancroft, Ont.

3.Kyle Burghout/Emily Yaraskavitch, Ottawa/Oshawa, Ont.


Open fiddling

1.Paul Lemelin, Val Therese, Ont.

2.Benoit Schryer-Lefebvre, Desbarats, Ont.

3.Tom Fitzgerald, Bancroft, Ont.

4.Greg Henry, Corunna, Ont.

5. Julie Fitzgerald, Bancroft, Ont.

Finalist – Kyle Burghout, Ottawa, Ont.

Finalist – Jane Cory, Winnipeg, Man.

Finalist – Dan Mighton, Hanover, Ont.

Finalist – Yvon Cuillerier, St. Bruno, Que.

Finalist – Andrew Richmond, Tamworth, Ont.


Open stepdancing

1.Kelsey Mighton Hanover, Ont.

2.Julie Fitzgerald, Bancroft, Ont.

3.Kerry Fitzgerald, Bancroft, Ont.

4.Emily Yarascavitch, Oshawa, Ont.

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